.NET Class Library for PayPal™ SOAP API

The SOAP API is the original PayPal API for Website Payments Pro and it is exposed as a web service. Communication with the API is done via XML packets. Adding a reference to this web service in a .NET application creates an extensive set of classes which are used to make the API calls. Knowing which objects to instantiate and which properties to set in this deeply nested set of classes requires quite a bit of research and testing.

Encore's class library removes this learning curve. Our class library wraps the web service in a set of classes that are completely simplified. The new classes and properties follow the same naming convention of the original classes, so the PayPal API reference is still valid when using the class library.

Each API call requires only one object instantiation. Creation of that one object will automatically instantiate all of the necessary nested objects and set default values for all required properties. All that is required is to set the properties pertinent to the transaction and call the Post() member function

Features include:

  • Designed to run under Medium Trust for use in hosted environments.
  • Data objects are defined for all PayPal enumeration types allowing simple population of DropDownLists. Includes States, Countries, Currencies, PaymentActions, CreditCardTypes, etc.
  • An API credentials encryption utility is included to safely store Username, Password, and Signature in the Web.Config where they serve as a default for all API calls.
  • Complete Visual Studio Intellisense is available on all class library members. Each member shows requirements, limitations, possible values, etc. API Request and Response properties are also annotated to allow automatic population of form labels, textbox watermarks, etc.
  • View raw XML packets. The .NET Framework hides the XML data exchange when consuming a SOAP web service, but the Class Library exposes the request and response SOAP envelopes for diagnostic purposes.
  • Supports Website Payments Pro API Version 124.0.
  • For .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher and Visual Studio 2013 or later.