PayPal™ SDK for .NET

This class library provides a unified SDK for both Website Payments Pro and Adaptive Payments. The SDK gives developers full control over PayPal with powerful, yet simple to use classes for making API calls.

Based on our PayPal SOAP API class library, this SDK includes all of the same features plus the addition of the Adaptive Payments API.

Features include:

  • Designed to run under Medium Trust for use in hosted environments.
  • Complete Visual Studio Intellisense on all class members—straight from PayPal's API Reference—showing requirements, limitations, possible values, etc. API Request and Response properties are also annotated to allow automatic population of form labels, textbox watermarks, etc.
  • The Adaptive Payments API provides parallel payments allowing single payments to be split among multiple recipients. Use this to have a shopping cart with multiple items from different vendors.
  • The Adaptive Payments API provides chained payments allowing a primary recipient to automatically and invisibly pass portions of the payment along to secondary recipients. Perfect for collecting commissions.
  • Supports Website Payments Pro API Version 124.0.
  • Supports Adaptive Payments API Version 1.8.7.
  • For .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher and Visual Studio 2013 or later.